Facials – Which are worth it and which are not?

Facials are a billion dollar business – literally. Every year women around the world (and men) spend billions of dollars on in-salon and at-home facials, creams, and treatments. And while an amazing facial can make you feel like a million bucks – not every type is worth the money. While I simply don’t have time to cover every facial type on the market (there are many), I will discuss a popular few to determine which ones live up to expectations, and which ones simply don’t cut it.

Basic facials

While there is really no name for them except for ‘facials’, we’re going to refer to the most basic of facials as – you got it – a ‘basic’ facial. These are the facials that are provided at almost any salon or clinic and can be done by a beautician. While basic facials will differ depending on who is doing it, most will combine the penetration of active ingredients into the skin with some sort of relaxing massage. The ingredients used will be predetermined by your beautician and should be based on your particular skin care needs. Basic facials can be used for a variety of things including deep cleansing, moisturizing, and targeting specific skin care concerns.

Oxygen facials

The goal of an oxygen facial is the same as that of a basic facial – to penetrate active ingredients into the skin. The difference is that an oxygen facial uses – you guessed it – oxygen to encourage the penetration. The oxygen is delivered into the skin via a small handheld device, and is said to enhance the effect of the ingredients being penetrated.

Steam facials

Steam facials are one of the simplest types of facials out there because all you need is steam! According to research, steam is another method that can help to penetrate active ingredients into the skin. And what most people love about steam treatments is that you don’t need a lot of money to do them.

Ozone facials

Ozone is very similar to oxygen, but holds one slight difference. Ozone is comprised of three oxygen atoms, whereas the oxygen that we breathe is only comprised of two. When ozone enters our system, the third atom breaks away and attaches to our unhealthy cells and causes them to neutralize (or so it is claimed). When this happens, toxins within our bodies are killed off, leaving our skin feeling more refreshed and purified.

Which works and which doesn’t?

So which are worth the billions of dollars spent? While most types of facials aren’t backed by much scientific research, ozone facials actually do have quite the backing. Ozone therapies work something like the water purification process. When added to water, ozone kills 99.9% of pathogenic germs and oxidizes 99.9% of pollutants – and research states that it can have the same effects on our bodies that are, in fact, 60% water. Hmmm, not necessarily convinced.

Oxygen facials are very similar to ozone facials. Some dermatologists claim they are pointless. Yes, there is no doubt that they leave the skin looking and feeling refreshed, but this feeling imay be more related to the ingredients on the face than the actual oxygen itself.

As for steam, it has been proven to improve the penetration of active ingredients into the skin, but again, the treatment is almost useless without the help of the active ingredients being penetrated.

So, it looks like facials are only as good as the active ingredients that are being used on the skin. You could spend hundreds of dollars on different facials, but if the proper combination of active ingredients is not used – you won’t see a result. Alternatively, you could spend a few dollars on one facial treatment and, if the ingredients are right, you could see results immediately.


In conclusion, if you have the money to spend on ozone treatments – do it, try them out. If you don’t, just go with a simple basic facial and have a beautician analyze your skin to come up with the perfect combination of ingredients to target your skin care concerns.


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