Hair today and gone tomorrow

Permanent hair removal – is that something that actually exists? Yes it is, and it is made possible through a process known as electrolysis.

What is electrolysis? Electrolysis is a scientific term that means ‘the process of using an electrical current to create a chemical reaction’. I’m sure that doesn’t mean much to you, but what if I tell you this chemical reaction can be used to remove hair? It’s true! Electrolysis is the process of passing electrical currents into the hair follicles using a fine needle. This process generates heat, causing the hair follicles to become damaged and ultimately results in a change in the pattern of hair growth. Once the hair follicles have been damaged enough, hair growth is stunted immediately.

Unfortunately, electrolysis treatment is painful and often takes several treatments before permanent results can be shown. While the results are well worth it in the end, many people compare the pain of electrolysis to that of being stung by a bee or being zapped. There is no other treatment that can offer permanent hair removal, but there is also no other treatment that is as painful. So, what can you do to ease the pain of electrolysis?

DO take a benadryl the night before and the night after treatment. electrolysis can trigger biological reactions and inflammation, and benadryl can help to reduce this effect.

DON’T eat fast or processed foods. In fact, avoid eating out altogether before going to an electrolysis treatment. Many fast and processed foods contain high levels of salt and this can make your body retain water. In return, your hair follicles become smaller making them more difficult to penetrate and resulting in a more painful treatment process.

DO take an ibuprofen or pain killer 10-15 minutes before your treatment. This won’t kill the pain altogether, but can help to ease it.

DON’T wear makeup or cream to your appointment. While your specialist should wash your skin beforehand anyways, such things can cause irritation and inflammation if not removed properly.

DO eat before your treatment. While the exact reasons are unknown, hungry clients claim that the process of electrolysis is more painful than satisfied ones.

DON’T drink alcohol before or after treatment

DO drink plenty of water – Hydrated follicles react better to heat than do dry ones. If your skin and hairs are not hydrated enough, the intensity of the treatment will need to be increased and this will result in a more painful process.

DON’T use other methods of hair removal for at least two days after treatment. Your skin will be irritated and things like shaving and waxing can be extra painful.

DO follow the recommendations of your skin care professional. They may recommend special serums or routines in the days following treatment. These are for your benefit and should not be ignored.

DON’T do anything that will make you sweat for two days following your appointment. Your skin will be extra sensitive during this time and sweat will irritate you more.

Finally, DO remember that the process is temporary and the results last. Yes, you will have to put up with several sessions of pain, but always remember that the end result will be a lifetime of never having to shave again!

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