Mesotherapy vs Lumi Lift

What is the secret of youth? Is it creams and facial serums that we buy on a daily basis in our local pharmacies? Absolutely not. In fact, many of these products contain chemicals and toxins that can actually be harmful to your skin and cause you to age faster. Let me explain. There are two different types of aging that our bodies go through; intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic aging is controlled by factors we cannot control like our genetics, our hormones, etc. As we age, these things will slightly influence our outward appearance. But the truth is that most of our fine lines and wrinkles stem from factors that are within our control – smoking, sun exposure, etc. etc. And when we put unnatural chemicals into our bodies they seep into our skin and, overtime, add to the extrinsic age factor. This is why so many new facial therapies are now aiming at more natural methods of treatment like electrotherapy. But is the idea of sending electrical currents through your face the key to maintaining a youthful appearance? Or maybe its sending lightwaves into your body that holds the key? Let’s take a closer look at two relatively new cosmetic treatments for aging: mesotherapy and lumi lift.

What is mesotherapy? In simple terms, it’s the idea of injecting natural substances (such as vitamins, amino acids, and medications) into our skin. Regular mesotherapy does so with the help of a needle, but for those who get a little weary around them, the alternative is to transport these substances into the deepest level of our skin using electrical currents.

Lumi lift also aims to target the deepest layers of the skin, but instead of using prepared mixtures, it simply uses light pulsation. Different colours of lights used at different intensities can be used to target different concerns. Red light, for example, can be used to stimulate cell growth and aid in collagen production. Blue lights are great for curing acne, green lights help to reduce pigmentation, and yellow lights help to detoxify the skin and body.

Regardless of their methods, the goal behind both mesotherapy and lumi lift are the same; to fight the effects of aging and turn back the hands of time. But are they equally successful in doing so? According to the specialists who administer the procedures, lumi lift should start showing results within 6-10 treatments. Mesotherapy, on the other hand, should start to show results within just 2-3 treatments. But does this mean that mesotherapy is the better solution?

Not if it isn’t backed by science. While practitioners claim that results can be seen within only a short period of time, a recent 2012 study by Meotaz El-Domyati et al. exhibits otherwise. The study followed six volunteers over a three-month period and aimed to find whether multiple mesotherapy treatments would result in visible changes. They didn’t. So regardless of what the practitioners selling the treatment might say, lumi lift is backed by more scientific research and does show more promise in the fight against anti-aging than does mesotherapy.

In conclusion – let the light in!

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