The Power of Electricity

Spider Naevus, Skin Tags, warts, moles, age spots – there is a ‘miracle cure’ for all of these things and it’s called ‘advanced electrolysis’. To date, electrolysis can be used to treat over 21 different types of blemishes and skin conditions. But where did the idea of zapping electricity into your skin begin? Is it safe? Is it effective? Let’s learn more about this miracle cure-all.

A little bit of history…

Let’s go back in time – and i mean waaaay back in time to 2500BC. No, Im not going to tell you they used electrolysis back then – of course they didn’t – they didn’t even have electricity! But what they did have were electric eels, and they were smart enough to use these electric eels to generate electric currents, and used them to treat pain! Pretty cool right?

Moving forward in time, samples of actual electrolysis date back to 1875 when it was originally used for the removal of ingrown eyelashes. After perfecting this technique, a Dr Michel decided to try his hand at cosmetic surgery by applying electrolysis to the eyebrows. Today, electrolysis is still widely used for hair removal, but has also showed promise in removing a variety of lumps and bumps like skin tags, moles, warts, and the like. As said previously, electrolysis can now be used for over 21 different types of skin concerns, including sebaceous cysts and syringoma.

Conditions treatable by electrolysis

Here are is a short list of the many skin conditions electrolysis can successfully treat:

  • Spider Naevi
  • Telangiectasia
  • Milia
  • Moles
  • Age spots
  • Sebaceous cysts
  • Sybaceous hyperplasia and naevi
  • poikiloderma
  • Skin tags
  • Dermatosis papulosa nigra


The biggest downfall of electrolysis is the cost. Such a treatment can be expensive, especially when compared to other treatment types. With that being said, it is also more effective than many other treatment types. Unlike many treatments that still require further research to be deemed effective, electrolysis has the scientific backing and proven results to show its effectiveness. It is also much safer than some of the alternatives. As long as you are in good health, the treatment should be completely safe and poses few risks or side effects.

So is electrolysis worth it? Absolutely. Any safe and effective method of dealing with so many different skin care concerns should be considered somewhat of an amazing benefit.

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