Determine your face shape

If you are considering semi-permanent makeup for your eyebrows – microblading or micropigmentation – then you have to decide what shape you want your brows to be. This is rather important because you have to live with the result for some time. (There is some scope for effecting corrections and changes, but not as much as you are used to. You can’t wipe it away at night and start again the next morning completely from scratch.)

So it is important to get the perfect shape. But you need to be aware that there is no perfect shape which works for every face. And if you see a perfect set of eyebrows on a celebrity, you can’t just select that as the model for your own new eyebrow look without first considering if it will work for your possibly very differently shaped facial features.

The shape of your face determines how you should sculpt your eyebrows for the perfect look for you – the look that will make you appear younger and make the most of the shape of your eyes. For this reason, it is important to know what your face’s shape is before you take the plunge with microblading or microdermabrasion.

Different face shapes

You can’t simply select an eyebrow shape you like and assume it will work on your face. One factor which has a major impact on how well a particular eyebrow  shape suits someone’s face is the shape of that face. The beauty world has divided face shapes into six types. It’s completely arbitrary. You could use different methods for distinguishing between different faces. But this system works well as a way of suggesting the general shape and size of eyebrow that the face’s owner should consider or avoid.

These are the six face shapes. Each one is described, and the merits of different eyebrow shapes discussed, in the pages you can access on the side menu.

A measurement method for determining some face shapes

This is a more precise way to decide whether your face is round, long or oval. It doesn’t help with the other shapes.

  1. Measure your face from top to bottom (i.e. from the very top of your head as you can see it in the mirror to the tip of your chin.
  2. Divide the total length by three. That’s your first number.
  3. Next, measure from the bottom of your chin to the bottom of your nose. That’s your second number.
  4. If the second number is larger than the first number, you probably have a long face.
  5. If the second number is smaller than the first number you probably have a round face.
  6. If the second number and the first number are about the same, you probably have an oval face.


It is important to shape your brows to match the shape of your face for a flattering look. However, regardless of the shape of your face, there are still some universal rules to consider.

  1. Do not shape your brows to be too short. They should follow an imaginary line from the corner of your nose to the corner of your eye.
  2. The arch of your eyebrows should always be about two-thirds of the way out.
  3. The head of the eyebrow should always start from the bridge of your nose.


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