Heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face is like an oval face, except that the chin tapers to a point. You probably have a heart-shaped face if your face has these characteristics:

  • Your chin is noticeably pointed, but in a more delicate way than the long face.
  • The sides of your face and cheek lines appear to taper into the jawline.
  • Your face is widest at your forehead, though your cheekbones are also pronounced.
Your goal

A heart-shaped face is rather like an oval face, but with some more prominent features. For instance, some heart-shaped faces have prominent foreheads, and some have more pointed chins than an oval face. The oval face shape is regarded as ideal, so any features creating a heart-shaped look which are a move away from the oval look, are the features you may wish to counteract by your choice of eyebrow shape.

How to achieve it

Because the visual emphasis of a heart-shaped face is on the top part of your face, and your jawline is very petite, it is important to create a brow that is tight, well-groomed, and controlled. Your brows should not be too bushy, but they shouldn’t be thin either.

A rounded shape to the eyebrows, like the top of a low arch, will probably look good on you. In fact, the rounded eyebrows will add to the attractive heart-like shape of your face.

If you have a particularly short face, then you might consider a higher arch to the eyebrows to appear to lengthen the face and also to give you a more dramatic look.

But the shape of your forehead should be taken into account. If it’s very wide, try making your eyebrows thicker – adding volume to them. A thicker eyebrow can have the effect of making a forehead appear longer.

Also consider your chin. If you have a pointy chin the eyebrow shape and thickness just described may also nicely balance your pointy chin. But you certainly want to avoid high arches to your eyebrows if you have a pointy chin. Instead you should go for a softer, rounded arch.

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