Removing them

These are the steps your therapist will take to remove eyelash extensions – either because you do not want extensions any longer, or because you are about to have a complete new set.

  • You should keep your eyes closed at all times.
  • She will remove any makeup so that she can distinguish between the natural lashes and the extension lashes.
  • She will place a warm damp pad on your eyes to soften the glue.
  • She will also put another damp pad underneath your lower lashes.
  • She will use a Q-tip to apply glue dissolver to each lash to be removed.
  • She will use a cotton pad to wipe over your eyes to remove the lashes and glue.
  • Finally, she will clean your eyes with oil-free makeup remover/cleanser.

Don’t try to remove lashes yourself by pulling them out. You will pull out your natural eyelashes as well.

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