Choosing the Right Brow Shape (Micropigmentation)

You’ve decided you want to go for micropigmentation. Now what? Now it’s time to choose and colour and shape. In most cases, we wouldn’t advise choosing a colour without some advice from your beautician. But when it comes to eyebrow shape, it’s something you can put some thought into at home. We all have different face shapes, and some faces can get away with more than others. And while some of us could get away with various different brow shapes, there is, in general, a ‘most flattering’ shape for everyone.

Before you can choose your most flattering brow shape, you first need to know your face shape. Here’s an overview to help you out:

  • Oval faces
    • Forehead is wider than the chin
    • Cheekbones are prominent
    • Face tapers into chin
  • Round Faces
    • Face is almost equal in length and width
    • Face is widest in the cheeks
  • Square faces
    • The most obvious feature of this shape is the squared jawline
  • Heart faces
    • Look very similar to oval faces but the chin tapers to a point
  • Long faces
    • Face tapers in to a narrow and oval chin
  • Diamond faces
    • Short foreheads
    • Face is widest at the temples

If you’re having trouble understanding your face shape, just Google it. Photos are always easier to understand than words!

Once you have figured out your face shape, you can best determine what will look best on you

  • Oval face
    • Look best with soft angled shapes.
  • Heart face
    • For a natural look, go with a rounded brow
    • For a more dramatic look or to add length to the face, go with a highly arched brow
  • Long face
    • To make the face appear shorter, go with a flat brow.
  • Round face
    • To make the face appear less round, create a high arched look
    • Avoid rounded brow shapes
  • Square face
    • To help balance the jawline, go with angled brows. They will give a defined sharp peak that will help to balance things out.
    • To soften stronger features, you could also choose a curved brow
  • Diamond face
    • To soften the angles of the face, choose a curved brow.

Keep in mind that this is just a rough guide. Before you go for micropigmentation, your beauty specialist should discuss the different options with you and help you find the best shape for your personal features. In the meantime, if your in no rush to get your brows done, maybe you could play around with your shape a little bit. Remember, right now your brows will grow back in if you don’t like the shape. But once you go for micro – results are everlasting.

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