What are the benefits of Micropigmentation?

Looking for a round-the-clock look that makes you feel beautiful 24 hours a day? You can’t get that with regular makeup, but you can get it with permanent makeup! Micropigmentation, a form of permanent makeup, is used for many different things, but the newest and hottest trend is using it for eyebrow tattooing. Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, micropigmentation requires little downtime and leaves you looking and feeling radiant shortly after the procedure. But what other benefits does it hold?

  • Micropigmentation gives you smudge free, waterproof brows around the clock
  • It helps to accentuate your facial features
  • Natural looking hair like strokes add definition to your eyebrows without making them look unnatural
  • Enjoy an eyebrow colour that compliments your hair colour
  • No more smudging, fading, streaking, or flaking makeup
  • Improves confidence

In addition to the benefits that it holds for everyone who gets it, micropigmentation can also help those who:

  • Suffer from cosmetic related allergies
  • Have vision or coordination problems that can affect makeup application
  • Are not happy with the shape or colour of their brows
  • Do not have full brows due to related conditions like alopecia
  • Lead an active lifestyle that causes them to sweat (and their makeup to run)
  • Live hectic lifestyles and don’t have time for a full morning makeup routine
  • May be taking treatments like chemotherapy that can cause loss of brows
  • Have oily or dry skin that affects application of makeup

Not sure if micropigmentation is for you? Speak to a cosmetician today about micropigmentation and other alternative options that may be available to you.

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