Microwave treatment

Microwave is a treatment for ‘thread veins’. Thread veins, also commonly referred to as spider veins, are small clusters of dilated veins that you will usually find on the legs. That being said, many people also experience this ailment on their face. They can occur in both men and women at any age. As our bodies age and our skin becomes thinner and more fragile, the veins can become more prominent. They can be caused by many things, including: heavy drinking, hormones, sun exposure, genetics, and underlying skin conditions. While they are not a health concern, they do tend to cause insecurities and self-consciousness to arise. One option for those wishing to rid themselves of thread veins is microwave treatment.

What is microwave treatment?

Microwave treatment, technically known as ‘thermo coagulation’, is essentially the idea of using high frequency waves (or microwaves) to heat up veins without affecting the surrounding layers of skin. These waves are delivered by machines which heat and destroy the vein, which will be reabsorbed over time by the body.

How does it work?

During treatment a fine needle is inserted into the veins, and the needle is used to emit high frequency radio waves. This targets the wall of the vein, using short but sharp bursts of heat which cause the protein within the wall of the vein to coagulate. This causes the vein to become sealed off from additional blood flow, thereby removing the appearance of the redness.

How many procedures are required to see results?

The number of procedures required varies greatly from person to person. In many cases, a single thread vein will disappear after one treatment. If there are multiple areas affected, it may require multiple treatment sessions.

Is it painful and are there any risks?

Microwave therapy is not considered to be painful, though some may experience a slight burning at the needle injection site. Complications associated with microwave therapy are extremely rare but may include redness (for 5-6 weeks), scarring, or the development of new veins in the treated area.

Is it effective?

Microwave therapy is an effective way to target thread veins, and many people can see the disappearance of the vein after just one treatment. It has been deemed as more effective in targeting veins than alternative therapies like laser therapy. While microwave therapy is a great non-invasive way to treat thread veins, there is no guarantee that they will not resurface in the future.

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