No-needle mesotherapy

We are becoming increasingly health aware. As science begins to teach us more and more about our bodies, we are constantly learning the importance and value of healthy food and exercise. We are also learning more and more about the damage that everyday products can have on our skin. The majority of skin care products in the local pharmacy are filled with chemicals and toxins that, when applied to the body, penetrate into our skin and may cause damage to our systems. This is why so many people are now turning to more natural cures for our anti-aging woes. One such cure is known as ‘no-needle mesotherapy’. That may sound like a Mexican gangster, but it is a treatment intended to improve the skin.

What is mesotherapy?

‘Mesotherapy’ actually dates back to the 1950s and can be attributed to a doctor by the name of Michel Pistor. It is the idea of injecting a prepared mixture of vitamins, medications, and amino acids into the mesoderm layer of the skin. Before it began being used cosmetically, mesotherapy was used to treat sports injuries, to improve the circulation of blood flow, and to treat rheumatism. Today it is used in a variety of cosmetic procedures for hair growth, fat reduction, cellulite treatment, and skin rejuvenation.

So, what is ‘no-needle’ mesotherapy?

No-needle mesotherapy offers the same benefits as regular mesotherapy, but without the needle.

The idea behind mesotherapy is to target problem areas by injecting them with active substances or ingredients. Once the ingredients are prepared, a fine needle is used to deliver multiple micro injections. ‘No-needle’ options have the same overall objective, but look for different ways to penetrate the skin. Rather than using a needle for injection, small electrical currents are used to transport the desired substances between the skins cells.

What benefits does no-needle mesotherapy offer?

It is claimed that the no-needle mesotherapy procedure:

  • helps to fight free radicals within the skin, thereby battling against the aging process
  • encourages cellular activity and circulation
  • promotes lymphatic drainage
  • boosts the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, thereby improving overall texture and appearance of fine line and wrinkles
  • stimulates weight loss
  • can improve the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite
  • can eliminate acne scarring
  • can prevent hair loss in men

How long is a treatment? How many do you need?

Treatments sessions generally last for about 30 minutes. You should start to notice changes within 2-3 sessions, but 7 sessions are recommended for maximized results. Monthly maintenance sessions are recommended afterwards. Once desired results are achieved, diet and lifestyle changes should be incorporated to maintain results.

Is it dangerous? What are the risks?

Treatment is not considered to be dangerous and there are no known risks or side effects of this treatment. Having said that, allergic reactions to some of the applied serums can pose a threat, so always be sure to discuss any allergy concerns with your specialist before you start treatment

Is it painful?

No. You may experience a ‘pins and needles’ type sensation, but in most cases treatments are not considered uncomfortable.

Is mesotherapy effective?

According to a study by Moetaz El-Domyati et al. in 2012, the answer is no. The study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of mesotherapy treatments on wrinkles and changes in the skin. Six volunteers were studied over a 3 month period to evaluate any changes after regular mesotherapy injections. The results were not promising, and no changes were observed. That being said, more studies need to be conducted to evaluate the true effectiveness of mesotherapy both in the short and long term.

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