Oval face

An oval face is regarded as the ideal shape by the beauty industry. Oval faces are very balanced. The widths of the jawline and the forehead are approximately the same, or the forehead may be slightly wider.  The jawbone is rounded, and the face tapers to a round, often narrow, chin. An oval face typically has no hard lines. However, a person with an oval face may have prominent cheekbones.

Your goal

With all this ‘perfection’ going on, your goal is probably just to maintain the balanced look you already have.

How to achieve it

Most of the recommended eyebrow shapes for other face types/shapes are aimed at making the face appear more oval. Since your face is already oval, you don’t have to worry about that. Just following the natural curve of your eyebrows is probably going to be the best answer

If you want to move away at all from your natural eyebrow shape, you might try a gentle curve– what they call, in the beauty industry, a ‘soft angled’ eyebrow shape. But whatever you choose to do, you don’t want to go for anything too dramatic. You should settle for the least change.

Quite thick eyebrows can work well with oval shaped faces.

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