Round eyes

Have a look at your eyes in a mirror. Make sure your eyes are open normally. If you see any white between your iris and the top or bottom of your eye, then you probably have round eyes. (If you can’t see any white around your iris, then you may have almond eyes. These eye types are similar, except that almond eyes are more oval-shaped and round eyes are, well, round.)  If you have round eyes the width and height of your eyes appear nearly the same.

Your aim

Round eyes often have a surprised look to them, which you will want to prevent.

How to achieve it

You should try kitten eyes. Having the lashes pointing slightly outwards should counter the surprised look. Equally, lower curls contribute to a relaxed and softened look. You could start with curls as low as ‘J’, maybe going up to ‘C’ at the outer corners of the eyes.

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