Round face

A round face is widest at the cheeks, and the forehead and the jawline share approximately the same width. This type of face is about as wide as it is long. The jawline is curved, with no sharp angles or hard lines.

Your goal

The aim is always to try to balance the face shape. With a round face, you may want to make your face appear longer, so that you are heading towards the oval face look, which the beauty industry regards as the ideal.

How to achieve it

You definitely want to stay away from round shaped eyebrows which will just make your face look even more round. For best effect, you should consider a slightly angular shape for your eyebrows. Some form of arch will be the best way to draw a viewer’s attention away from the roundness of your face, and create the illusion of a longer face.

So, angles are good, and an arch is good, so you might go for arched eyebrows. You can probably carry off quite a high arch. This should make the area round your eyes seem more open. You should consider a straight line to the top of the arch and then another straight line down towards the outer edge of the face. Arches in straight lines are a good contrast for a round-looking face. This is because the facial bone structure in round faces is often not visible. So, having an angular eyebrow, is often more flattering to the face than a smoother shape.


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