Volume lashes: How to create a fan?

They are exquisitely glamorous and allow you to have a captivating look without applying any make up at all. Volume lashes are a perfect solution for women who want to look good, even sans mascara!

Despite varying trends in the makeup industry, eye makeup remains a top purchase for women in all market segments. Even if eye shadow and eye liners are considered as good tools to create a striking look, they are usually not seen as mandatory for a polished appearance.

Mascara on the other hand is a beauty staple that every woman carries in her bag. While a bold lipstick will get you noticed in the crowd, it might not be appropriate for every function. However, women can choose to wear mascara for any occasion. The mere fact of adapting the number of layers she applies will instantly change her from conservative to daring.
In a sense, volume lashes are just the same since you can select the effect you want – just like the layers of mascara. The difference is that you won’t have to repeat the “apply in the morning – remove at night” routine every day.

Yes, you did read that correctly, full lashes and voluminous effect with absolutely no need to apply makeup before going out. No wonder they are in such high demand on the extension market!

How do they do it?

Painless and easy for the client, the technique to create these fluffy volume lashes requires a level of expertise from the technician. From 3D to 6D, dexterity certainly plays a major part is designing the ideal fan for every eye.

The lashes are disposed in a row on a strip, closely set together, just waiting to be selected and assembled into a fan. To do so, the technician uses tweezers and gently separates them for more visibility. When she has managed to grab the intended number of lashes with the tweezer, she just has to collect them carefully but firmly so they remain together.

The tweezers used for this process are angled, which allows for a grab and pull motion to collect the lashes while holding them together. It might seem easy, but managing to grab, hold and assemble lashes as thin as 0.05mm requires plenty of patience and hours of training.

After that, the final stage to create a fan consists in dipping the base of the lashes in glue so they can be sealed efficiently.

All done; now it’s time to apply them to your natural eyelashes.


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