What’s the Eyelash Extension Experience like?

Eyelash extensions can make a woman feel like a Disney Princess. Whether you’ve just woken up, just worked out, or just hopped out of the shower, they will make your eyes pop and make you feel like a million bucks. But is the process of getting them equally as appealing? Actually, it is!

During an eyelash extension appointment you will be laying flat on your back with your eyes closed. Many beauticians will even supply pillows and blankets to make sure you’re extra comfortable. Feel free to make conversation with your technician or bring along some tunes to listen to while they work – you may even find yourself dozing off at points during the appointment – and that’s completely okay! You can think of your time getting extensions as your downtime – your time to escape and disconnect from the world if you will. Turn off your cells phones, turn off your brain, and just relax!

“But doesn’t it hurt?” Not at all. Of course the first time can be scary for some – after all you’re letting someone you barely know near your eyes with a pair of tweezer like tools, but rest assured that you are not in any danger. Remember, your eyes are closed during the entire procedure so there’s no risk of being poked in the eye! And aside from a slight fluttering of the lashes now and again, you’re unlikely to feel anything at all.

But may we mention as a note of caution, if you DO feel any pain at all (or if your eyes start to water during the procedure), you need to let your technician know right away. Pain could be a sign of allergic reaction to the adhesive glue, at which point it would be important to stop the procedure. If you aren’t sure about allergies that you may have, it’s best to do a patch test 48 hours beforehand. This will prevent any allergic reactions from popping up mid-procedure.

So the moral of this story? The eyelash extension experience is equally as enjoyable as the results. It’s a time to sit back, relax, and get some extra shut eye if desired!

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