Cellulite – £20 creams or expensive treatments?

Banish cellulite for good! Don’t we wish we all could? Well, according to high-earning marketing executives, for £20 you can do just that! Just head to your local pharmacy, buy ‘X’ product, and within weeks your cottage cheese thighs will be gone! Really? Do we really buy into all this marketing and hype? Well the truth is, we do. Women spend millions of dollars on cellulite creams every year. But are they really worth it?

According to most dermatologists – no. While most cellulite creams and wraps are backed by excellent marketing techniques, the reality remains that they just aren’t backed by science. Chances are, the only effect that the newest and hottest cream is going to have on you is really not on your body or cellulite affected areas at all – it is on your mind.

If you have ever searched the web for cellulite curing creams and solutions, you have probably seen many rave reviews. ‘I noticed a difference in just ten days!’ ‘My cellulite is completely gone!’ While many of these are actually paid for reviews (we won’t get into that in this discussion), the odd few may be from real users who have seen a difference after using the product. But as these products have never actually been backed by science, chances are that the differences being seen are actually more psychological than physical. In other words, if you bought the product, you probably believe in its success. If you believe in its success, you will be happy to use it. When you are happy you are more confident. And if you are more confident, you will feel better about your body. And if you feel better about your body, your cellulite will look diminished.

It’s not magic, it’s just psychology.

So, if you want to boost your confidence, £20 creams can definitely help you to do that. But if you want to actually cure your cellulite woes, you may need to turn your attention to the more expensive in salon/clinic treatments that actually stand a chance in scientific research.

What are we talking about here? Were talking about endermologie, cryolipolysis, ionithermie, acoustic wave therapy, gyratory massage, and so on and so forth. ionithermie, for example, is the process of using natural ingredients and electrical stimuli to detoxify the body at a cellular level. It is backed by science; and research has shown that it is very effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite and in helping to sculpt the body. Regardless, most in-clinic treatments are based on the same principles: they go deep inside the body to target it at a cellular level – and the results are promising.

Unfortunately, most treatments are not cheap. And while some show promising results after just one treatment, many can take up to 10-15 sessions before any results are seen at all. And even once results are seen, they will not remain permanent unless you work to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

So, which is best – £20 creams or more expensive treatments? The answer really lies in your belief in the power of the mind. If you believe that creams will work for you, then why not take a confidence boost for £20!? But if you want to see real results and you have the motivation to live a healthier lifestyle, then in-clinic treatments are definitely the way to go.

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