How electrical currents can improve your skin

Sending electricity through your face – is it the key to turning back the hands of time? The idea of sending electrical currents through your face (or any part of your body for that matter) sounds absolutely terrifying. But in reality, it’s actually pretty safe – and painless! Not only is it considered safe, but according to the specialists that administer such treatments, it can actually do wonders for our skin. No, this doesn’t mean you should go and stick your face in a light socket, but the idea is similar. The difference is in the level of voltage.

There are many different things that produce electricity, and each have different levels of current. The higher the current level, the more dangerous it is. Lightning, for example, has an extremely high current. If you were to be hit with it, chances are you wouldn’t make it out alive. Household light sockets obviously don’t hold the same risk level as being struck with lightning, but can still produce quite a shock. But electrotherapy, or the idea of sending electrical currents through the body to stimulate repair, uses very low levels of electrical current. These levels are safe, non-painful, and claim to be successful in restoring us to our youth.

There are several different types of electrotherapy out there, each that work in a slightly different way. Microcurrent, for example, works by stimulating the muscles in the face and restoring them to their original youthfulness. Other treatments like the galvanic facial, target our skin at a cellular level by using currents to penetrate active ingredients into our skin. Other treatments still, like the lumi lift, work with different colours of light to stimulate cell growth and repair. If you were to only ask clients of such treatments, you would probably find that all three show promising results. In many of the treatments, for example, clients claim to see dramatic changes in as little as one session.

Unfortunately, scientists may not tell you the same. To be honest, electrotherapy doesn’t have much scientific backing at all in terms of what it can do for your skin. With that being said, there have been studies done to show that electrotherapy definitely can boost cellular activity and generate cellular repair, so the idea that it can heal the skin is not too far-fetched – it’s just not backed by clinical research – yet.

But with the growing demands for new and trendy ways to beat aging, it’s surely only a matter of time before science dabs into the realm of healing through electrotherapy and we will get the answers we deserve. Until then, we must trust our gut feelings and make our own judgements about the different treatments. Are they worth a shot? Absolutely! They can’t do you any harm, and if human opinion means anything than sending electrical currents through your face really could be the answer to turning back time and restoring youthfulness.

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