Skin care myths

“Sugar causes acne”, “X cream will open your pores”, “Use X and your cellulite woes will disappear!” – we’ve all heard these before. Whether it be our mom telling us to slow down on the sugar or the hundreds of advertisements we see every day trying to sell the latest miracle cream. But what common skin care rumours are actually true? And which are all just sugar?

Sugar causes acne

This is a MYTH! To date, there is no evidence to suggest that there is a direct correlation between sugar and acne breakouts. With that being said, while it’s not sugar, there is a devilish food group that can cause breakouts for those who are prone to them – and that is any food that contains refined carbohydrates. Foods that are high on the glycemic index are known to raise insulin and blood sugar levels, which often leads to inflammation. And it is this inflammation that – you guessed it – is known to aggravate acne and create breakouts.

Certain products will open your pores

This is also a MYTH. Our pores are not windows and they do not open and close. If pores appear larger, its only because they have dirt in them. If they appear smaller, they are clean.

Your skin will age similar to your Mum’s

This one is FACT – or partial fact at least. Genetics can definitely play a role in the way that you age. You may notice as you age that you will develop moles, freckles, or wrinkles similar to that of your parents. With that being said, if your mom had terrible skin, don’t fret too much. Environment plays an even larger role in aging than does genetics, so with the proper lifestyle choices you can age more gracefully than your parents.

Sun can cause damage even on cloudy days

This is absolutely FACT! Just because you can’t see the sun doesn’t mean the sun can’t see you. The sun can affect your skin even on the rainiest or cloudiest of days, so its important that you wear sunscreen everyday – even in winter (the sun reflects off the snow and ages your skin!)

Drinking more water will heal your dry skin woes

Sadly, this is fiction. Now don’t get us wrong, there are dozens of benefits that come along with staying well hydrated, so you still need to drink plenty of water. Unfortunately, though, it won’t cure your dry skin woes. It can definitely help, but without a proper moisturizing routine your skin is likely to stay dry.

Higher SPF = Better Protection

Believe it or not, this is a MYTH. SPF is important, but it only measures protection for UV radiation. There is another type of radiation that can also damage your skin known as UVB, so you need to choose a “broad spectrum” sunscreen that can protect you from both.

Milk is bad for your skin

This is both FACT and FICTION and largely depends on who you are. For some people, milk will have no effect at all. But if you are prone to acne, the Insulin Growth Factor found in a cow’s milk could intensify your breakouts.

Creams can make cellulite disappear

Sorry ladies – this is a MYTH – so stop wasting your money on all of those store boughten miracle cures. If you’re really serious about curing your cellulite woes, it is best to try a treatment solution like endermologie (though there is no proof that such methods provide a long term solution either)

There are so many questions about the beauty world and unfortunately not enough time to answer every single one of them. I do, however, encourage you to do your research before you make any decisions related to your skin care regime. There’s a lot of truths out there, but there’s also a lot of myths.

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