Special treatments premises licences

If you have premises – a shop or treatment rooms – which gives ‘special treatments’ to customers, you may need a licence . I am using City of Westminster council as an example. This is a list of what they regard as ‘special treatments’.

Lower Risk Treatments
1 Reflexology, 2 Infra Red, 3 Sauna & Steam, 4 Aromatherapy, 5 High Frequency, 6 Shiatsu, 7 Manicure, 8 Flotation Tank, 9 Massage, 10 Colour Therapy, 11 Lymphatic Drainage, 12 Spa & Bath, 13 Micro Current Therapy, 14 Pedicure, 15 Ultra Sound, 16 Facial, 17 Faradism, 18 Nail Extensions

Higher Risk Treatments
1 Acupuncture, 2 Body Piercing, 3 Intense Pulse Light, 4 Laser, 5 Micropigmentation, 6 Tattooing, 7 Ear Piercing, 8 Electrolysis, 9 Chiropody (Podiatry), 10 Ultra Violet Tanning

If you can avoid these, you don’t need a licence.

If you cannot avoid these, then you do need a licence. You need to check with the council specifically what qualifications would meet their requirements.