Having your lashes done

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Now back to having your lashes done…

You will be laid out comfortably on a couch, the therapist will carry out the treatment from a chair behind your head.

Your neck should be supported by pillow, but you may also need a pillow under your knees to avoid back strain, you should ask that if necessary. Your hair will be kept out of the way with a headband or covering of some kind. Paper or a towel will be put over your upper body to protect your clothes. Your therapist should check that you are comfortable at regular intervals throughout the treatment.

It is necessary to keep your bottom eyelashes out of the way, and this is usually done with a half-moon adhesive pad or by strips of tape on your lower eyelid on each eye. This is partly to protect your skin from the adhesive being used, but also to make it easier for the therapist to work on individual lashes because she will be able to see each one against the background of the white pad when your eyelids are closed.

You will need to remove contact lenses and glasses before it begins. The therapist may clean your eyes with an oil free cleaner and brush through the lashes. She may brush the lashes with primer, which is a liquid which removes all residue and oil. You must keep your eyes closed during the whole of the treatment.

The therapist will have a container of glue and will also have laid out the lashes so that she can pick them up.

Using special tweezers, she will isolate an individual lash of yours. Then she will select an extension lash, pull the base section through the glue so that it becomes suitably covered with glue, and then apply it to your natural lash. She will leave a .5 mm to 1 mm space between the new lash and the eyelid

This process will continue with other lashes. If you are having a whole complete new set of eyelash extensions put on, the whole procedure may take between one and two hours. If you are having infills, or touch-ups to fill gaps, a few weeks after your original treatment, that may take as little as 30 minutes.

It is best that you don’t try and talk during the process, partly because it unconsciously causes you to open your eyes a bit – and you don’t want to risk irritation from the glue – and partly because it is precision work and you don’t want to distract the therapist.

Depending on the glue being used, the therapist may need to apply sealant to all lashes at the end. (This is more likely if she is using cyanoacrylate glue, not flexible glue.)

Finally, the tape will be gently removed from the lower lashes, and you can check the results in the mirror. Hopefully you will be delighted.

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