The eyelash extensions you can choose

When you have single eyelash extensions, it’s wrong to think that you should simply have every available eyelash connected with eyelash extension. The effect can look overpowering. Sometimes, much more natural and beautiful result is achieved by using extensions on every other available natural eyelash, and using different lengths. It means extensions don’t look like false strip eyelashes.

A better effect can often be achieved by mixing different lengths of individual lashes, so there are a few long lashes in among medium lashes, with longer lashes particularly at the outer edge of the eye. This has the effect of making the eye look larger and more almond-shaped, whereas a perfect line will look too regimented. A mixture of lengths will also look more natural, whereas the perfect edge will look as if you are wearing false eyelashes – which is of course true, but the whole point is to look as if the lashes are natural. That’s what you are paying money for – if you wanted to look like you are wearing false eyelashes, you would just buy a pair.

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