Use stencils to find the shape you like

You can buy packs of eyebrow stencils like these to try out the style you are thinking of adopting. They are easy to use. This is another example with some of the instructions visible.

  • ‘A’ indicates the start of the eyebrow. You should position the dotted lines over the inside corner of your eye. You will need to move it around a bit to see what works best because it is a bit of an art rather than a science to figure out the best start point – in other words, how close your eyebrows should be.
  • ‘B’ indicates the high point for the eyebrow, which should usually be no nearer the start of the eyebrow than a point immediately above the outside edge of your iris – it should even perhaps be a little bit further out – it’s up to you and the arch you are experimenting with.
  • ‘C’ indicates where the eyebrow should end. It should be beyond the outside corner of your eye.

This is what you do.

  1. Use your chosen pencil colour, fill in the stencil. To look as much like eyebrow hairs as possible, make small lines with the pencil towards the outside of your eye. Press the stencil firmly against your face so you don’t draw outside it.
  2. Repeat the process on the other side. It is too hard to judge one on its own.
  3. To make the effect as real as possible, comb your eyebrows to blend in.

Then you can see what that style of eyebrow would look like on you. If you don’t like it, you can wash it off and start again … as many times you want. It is an excellent idea. Why leave it to chance, or to rushed decisions while the clock is ticking on your semi=permanent makeup appointment, when you can explore the options at leisure?

This is an alternative type of stencil which has the advantage that you can press it against you face with your other hand while you are pencilling in.

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