Wide-set eyes

Wide-set eyes are eyes that have more than an eyeball’s width between them. You can easily tell if you have wide-set eyes by looking in the mirror. If you can see that you could fit a third eye between your two eyes with any room to spare, then you have wide-set eyes. 

Your aim

Your aim is to draw the eyes visually closer together.

How to achieve it

There needs to be an emphasis, if you can achieve it, on the inner corners of they eyes, to give the impression that they are closer together. Equally, you don’t want to emphasise the outer corners, which will only serve to make the eyes seem even further apart. So, the cat eye look, with its emphasis on longer lashes at the outer edges of the eyes, is a style to avoid.

The doll eye style or the round eye style will give a lift to the eyes and visually help them seem to draw closer together. Strong curls from ‘C’ upwards are also helpful.

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